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    American Natives believed firmly in the power of animals as guides and protectors, in fact these animals were invoked in rituals to acquire capacities in a much more effective way. The shamans believed that in our day to day we have an animal of power with us and that guides us all times.

    The black panther is one of the animals that attracts our attention because of its attractiveness as well as its strength.

    Among all the animals, the black panther is positioned as the spiritual animal with the greatest mysticism, it is a symbol of fertility and of the energy that hides in the night, that is why an animal that helps us not to fear the darkness but learn from her.

    It is a call to liberation from the bonds and the invitation to start a new stage. The panther is related to intuitive, artistic and spiritual people, it is believed that this creature is the guardian who will always watch over our safety.