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    Small fantastic beings mythological and divine, with the appearance of beautiful and luminous women, endowed with beautiful wings similar those of the butterflies. It´s ears are pointed similar to those fields’ elves, and these are somewhat disproportionate to the rest of the body.

    Fairies posses’ magical abilities and are believed to be able to change even their own appearance to blond in with the nature that surrounds them. They are cheerful smiling, playful, dancing and singing creatures. The colours that they use in their vaporous dresses are those that also predominate in the forest, the lakes and the mountains.

    Although there is an infinity of types of fairies, we can classify them into four large groups linked to the four elements of nature. It is said that the world of fairies, is a dreamlike and magical place, invisible to eyes sutured with reality and only appreciable by those eyes willing to look beyond what is seen with the naked eyes.