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    The Lady of Justice is today the mixture between the Greek goddess Themis, and the Roman goddess of Justitia. It is one of the best know sculptures in the world for its great significance. She is known as the both the goddess of Order, but also as the goddess of prophecy, the oaths and the divine law. Themis was known to oversee imposing order in the natural world, and therefore associated with the seasons. The order of nature and humanity was his role in the universe, that is why from kings to peasant sought his advice.

    The goddess Themis is the daughter of the god Uranus (sky) and the goddess Gaia (earth). The elements that we find in his representation have a great meaning, a balance with elements that counteract achieving an absolute balance. The sword as it is the execution of the measures taken, the way to convince reason symbolic feature, some eyes hidden behind a cloth symbolize the making of objective and impartial decisions, without unjust influence.