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    The butterfly is synonymous with transformation for many cultures, but it is not just this symbolism that has been attributed to this magnificent creature. Its power of transformation is total and its beauty inspires millions of people in the world. The butterfly represents changes, transformations and evolution towards something positive. Many cultures believe that this creature represents joy and peace because of its beauty and its colour.

    The Celts believed that butterflies were fairies, small supernatural and magical flying beings, and for many cultures the butterflies represent the soul. For Japanese culture, humans can reincarnate in butterflies, a person can project his soul to a butterfly while sleeping to fly freely around the world. It is also believed that the dead can reincarnate in a butterfly to return and take care of their loved ones.

    This fantastic creature represents inconstancy, lightness, femininity and sensuality. It is a living creature between the two worlds, the real world, and that of the collective imaginary.