Its all begins with great-grandfather Satuario Esteban, born in Hita, province of Guadalajara, a person with many concerns, who disembarks in Madrid with a business dedicated to the mortar in S. Pedro street, now the Las Letras neighbourhood. He learned in such a way towards jewellery, which sent his son José Esteban to Paris to learn the trade of stoning of precious stones.

Once finished the studies, he returned to Madrid and obtained a great success, since this trade in Spain was not developed. Then he set up a family workshop of great relevance in those years. A sister of José Esteban marries José Carrera, an important maragato, and her children, José Carrera, Satuario Carrera and Pedro Carrera, connect with the jewel-stoning sector.

Other relatives of very important help were Manuel´s uncle, Pedro Carrera and his brother José Carrera. We must also mention the great participation by the descendants of Manuel, such as his son Manuel Carrera, great jeweller and sculptor, Marina Carrera, jeweller and merchant and Rubén Carrera, jeweller and merchant. He also had an enormous collaboration in the management of the company, Carlos Carrera, as well as his wife Ana Mª Díaz de la Cebos

Satuario and José Esteban


Goldsmith workshop




The world of metals, minerals and precious stones,  are fusioned with the fascinating realms of the sculptor´s art and three-dimensional miniatures to give life to the pieces offered MCC.

From its beginnings, the silversmith´s art as practiced al MCC focuses on exploring the expression of forms. Infused with creativity and design, the pieces crafted at MCC are inspired by mythological and romantic passages from history, or feeling such as love, passion and on Mother Nature.

Besides conveying Spanish culture, these delicate works are closely related to avant-garde art movements.

MCC pieces have a totally unique and distinctive style achieved through the years, which transmits their underlying quality and also makes them identifiable anywhere in the world.